Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ah freshly out of the hospital

and back at home. Im still under the weather but wanted to touch base with this blog, it will get interesting soon, I promise!

I have etsy ring coming any day now, actually boughteb for me by a friend but Iwill post the ring and the etsy seller.

In just moments I will be going for try #3 for getting up and talking..fingers crossed.

I cannot wait until I can get back to making books and putting the final touches on the Las Vegas album special order!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

In recovery mode

ugh i just posted and lost it all

i am newly home from surgery so this and my etsy store will be on the back burner until i heal more

i cannot wait to get back to things and post a proper entry here!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twas a long day

but it twas also an excellent one!
House to myself, crappy television on in the background, and me sitting at my table, cutting away at the board for the custom album I am making. I cant wait until its finished and until I can not only take pics and post them but deliver it to Tammy and see her reaction!
So stoked!!!!!

Here is my fave book of the day. The cover paper was printed by a family in India whos trade is in textiles. There is some glitter to it and I have added a pendant I bought from pinkbubble at etsy to the end of the ribbon book mark. Check out her shop, its awesome!

Things I have bought lately
Ive been on a bit of a shopping kick lately but I love what I got
I bought this from Beaddoodles on Etsy

(Insert picture of card with flower on it ) This is from AlieKeegan, two gorgeous hand made cards, so nice I didnt want to give them away

This necklace I got from adrianita458. It was even more beautiful in person than the pics on her etsy page

I bought this from sweetpotatoanna. Cant wait to find a frame for this double exposure photo!

This lip balm from ParadiseSunrise is supposed to be the best out there. I havent gotten it in the mail yet, Im crossing my fingers for Monday's delivery!

These earings are custom made, I chose "purple velvet" for the colour of the stones. They were made by HannasHands on Etsy

Another card from AlieKeegan on Etsy. Upcycled and eco friendl7y, cant get better than that!

Ive been spending and need to get on the selling train!

Listening to: Gordon Lightfoot - If you could read my mind

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just me, my books and a cup of French Vanilla from Timmies

I'll be spending the weekend finishing the prototype of a new binding before I go ahead with Tammy's order for a scrapbook album. Im pretty stoked about the album and how its going to turn out! I hope she is too!

I have to deliver another custom order on Sunday, it was pre-ordered at the we shoot we score tournament. It is a telephone book that was custom made for him, different than the address books I make.

Once this new album order is finished, Ill be working on new inventory!

Listening to: Bob Dylan - Visions of Johanna

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some people call me a bad apple

well I may be bruised but I still taste sweet ~ David Wilcox

Im in the midst of working on two custom orders. One is a telephone book and one is a scrapbook with a Las Vegas theme. I believe that I figured out how to do a Japanese punch binding with a hard cover, if so, this scrapbook is going to be awesome!

If anyone out there knows how to bind using Japanese punch with a hard cover, PLEASE let me know. Just in case, Im making a mini try at the technique I hope works!

Listening to Feist - Secret Heart

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This was awesome

Posted by my friend Heidi on facebook, this video was totally inspiring to me!
I want to go draw and paint now!
(If you knew me youd know that I cant draw to save my life lol)