Friday, June 29, 2012

New listings!

I have finally made it and photographed the books I made and are keeping for myself to sell. As per usual I wanted to photograph the books I sent to the Unique Creations Artisan Outlet in Niagara Falls. Yes, my books are there but it really is a great place to find great gifts. Im honoured to be a part of a store that has such great items!

You can find these and more in my etsy store!

This cover paper is from Iceland.

Japan Chartreuse.

Floral from Florence, Italy.

Address Book with paper from Iceland and eggplant bookcloth.

Silver, grey and white paper from France.

Coptic stitch book with gorgeous paper from Nepal.

Japanese covered Address book.

Paris book with elastic closure and rounded spine.

Coptic stitched book with a hint of Nepal, take a look inside!

I will post more when I have more photographs. Special thanks to Tracy at the store of all of her help and support.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My personal policy

 While discussing the books I make with a visitor to the First Sunday Stroll
event, the motivation and focus of the books I bind came to me. I make
books the way I make any art, I focus on the piece and only the piece I'm
working on. Each book is it's own piece of art.

I don't plan that I need to make X number of this kind of book, same size,
same binding technque. I just find inspiration from the paper I have to cover the book. The size of the book and the number of pages aren't really planned.
I find that with books that aren't custom orders, I just sit in the studio and one thing leads to another and a book is made.

I am lucky enough to have friends that travel and send me papers they found through their journies, I also lucky to be able to get my hands on such great papers.

 Whenever I order paper or receive paper from someone, I purchase only one sheet of each design. I do this so even though I may use the one sheet of paper with more than one book, there isn't enough paper to make more than one of the same sized or style of book.

I like that each of my books are one of a kind, just like the experience I had making the book. From the size, type of page paper, what style of sewing and binding, to the choice of whether the book calls for a bookmark or bookends, I go with the flow and just create.