Sunday, August 30, 2009

I bought a new hat today

and its really kick ass! I love it.

It took me forever to figure out how to add pics to this thing

A computer whiz, I am not

Here are the pics of the books I sold at the weshootwescore tournament yesterday

This was a custom order for Mark Stewart who put together and ran the tournament. Please visit them at

This was sold to a dear friends mom, pages are printed with name, address, tel , email etc

This was sold to the lovely girl at the next booth over, I loved this book!

This one was re-covered, lined, had a ribbon book mark

Someone bought this as a gift for a friend

The sweetest woman bought this one, her and her husband were one awesome couple.
Thanks again to everyone who came out to support a cure for MS. Special thanks to Arlette and Mark for everything!

Tammy the Remax rep bought this one to include in a gift for a party she was on her way to

Yesterday was the greatest day

Yesterday I participated in the We Shoot We Score Tournament to find a cure for MS. I met some really awesome people there, although Im bummed I didnt get my picture with Johnny Bower

I met some really awesome people there yesterday with some awesome stories of strength. The event was run by Mark Stewart and his wife Arlette and of course other wonderful people who put in a lot of hard work to get the day going.

I sold my books and donated 100% + of my profits but I wish I could have given more! Id love to participate again next year

please visit their site

Monday, August 24, 2009

I sold another book!

Great news! I sold a mini address book
Of course this is good news for me, but bad news for you because you missed out on a kick ass book hahah

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just returned from the cottage

and my butt is so sick and tired of sitting lol

I added a few new books to my site, hoping someone will bite. They are awesome books, but no one is buying :(

This week is a busy week, ending with the WESHOOTWESCORE tournament where Ill be selling my books and donating all profits!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still at it :)

I have made about 5 books this week, all listed at my store

New papers used, some from India and Nepal
Help feed a starving artist lol

This week I decided to TRY twitter. Its not for me at all, sorry twitter, Im sure you are lovely for some people. Im just not that into you. I dont understand a)how to get people to look at your tweets and b)why people go on twitter and share things. For example, I do not care that P Diddy ate a hamburger today lol

Next week I am participating in a charity event to raise money for MS research. I will be selling my books in hope of making money and donating all profits to MS research. *fingers crossed*
The event is actually a hockey and softball tournament that I begged to sell at. Thanks to Mark Stewart at HTTP://WWW.WESHOOTWESCORE.COM . If you are in the GTA area, please come out!