Monday, December 31, 2012

I have been away....

but I have had the busiest time; seeing doctors, going to physio and now the holidays. Ive written this post because I was inspired by Shirly at The Orange Windmill's blog. It turns out, through research, that 101 in 1001 is somewhat popular. That being said, I still thank Shirley for the inspiration.

without further ado and just on time...

101 Things in 1001 days
I have compiled a list of goals or things I wish to accomplish in the next 1001 days.

starting date January 1, 2013
finish date Sept 28, 2015
in progress will be noted  (2/10) etc

1. Complete this list
2. Do not put anything on list that you have already done just so its crossed off as done, which is hard to do for me 

3. make sample book pages for Sue for work
4. email brother in law to try to mend our relationship
5. collect a hand written recipe from aunt Joanne
6. collect a hand written recipe from Lu
7. collect a hand written recipe from Joy and Nancy
8. write randomly timed love letters to those I love
9. plan wedding shower for here
10. have coffee out with just Megan
11. have coffee out alone with mom
12. have coffee out alone with dad
13. collect recipes for a cookbook
14. use facebook to re-connect with 3 family members

15. write out a daily schedule of what to do each day for 2 weeks (2 days successful...)
16. send in para transit form and set that up (mailed in form, just waiting now)
17. work on hand stretches and exercises every second day
18. use the para transit and go to the mall 4 times
19. visit the AGO for the Freda Kahlo exhibit by JAN 20
20. telephone Denise at new home
21. see LeeAnn C more often (currently setting out time to hangout) 
22. find a pen pal
23. make sure I do some sort of physio each day (days missed:1)
24. stand up 3 times a week
25. clean up email folders
26. read Mitochondria book entirely to learn
27. organize my file folder

28. read Joni given by Judy M
29. finish reading A New Earth by Eckart Tolle
30. finish reading My Story by Mark Stewart
31. meditate, breathe consciously
32. write gratitude in journal
33. read book on Islam
34. read book on Hinduism
35. pray in thanks  ongoing
36. re-read The Little Prince

37. go to a bookstore and leave a note in five random books for their new owners
38. get a manicure - 2 times (manicure #1 done!) 
39. go to the movies at least once a month (3/33) 
40. go to the movies alone every 2 or 3 months
41. go to Chapters alone 2 times
42. have coffee alone at Second Cup 2 times
43. get ears re-pierced
44. visit with Mark Stewart in Brampton
45. visit Longos to see Vida and Silvana
46. have coffee with Janice T
47. go to an MS society social event 2 times
48. go to big local Bingo 1 time 

FOR THE HOUSE OR COTTAGE - when physically able
49. straighten up older bookshelves
50. straighten up square bookshelves
51. organize closet
52. donate items I don't want or need anymore
53. choose paint for my bedroom walls
54. try to re-organize how furniture goes in my room for optimal ease of use
55. make the tree stump art I wanted to make for new living room at cottage
56. redo photographs in bedroom
57. reorganize the cupboards in the bathroom
58. patch or fix the scrapes etc on the walls from my wheelchair

ROUND THE WORLD IN 80 PGS - when physically able
59. clean and re-organize studio desk
60. organize paper in drawer
61. organize rolls of paper
62. organize room and shelf for optimal use of area with lights, being able to reach
63. write out list of types of books to make
64. work each weekday for a minimum of one hour (1) per day
65. write up yearly schedule for when to start for holidays to have to sell on time
66. go in to Unique Creations more to check in
67. blog once a week (on going)
68. add to FB page once a week (on going)
69. purchase a corner punch on sale
70. find leather supplier that sells great colours
71. fill out pricing pages for each book / figure out pricing again for types,sizes
72. sell at 3 craft shows
73. get to 100 twitter followers
74. get to 300 facebook likes
75. get to 30 listings in my etsy shop at one time
76. try 4 new bookbinding techniques from instructional books
77. re-organize book photos and folders saved on the computer
78. work with the grain all the time
79. make someone a cookbook
80. make a book press

81. use the Bob Ross video and make a painting trying things
82. use the Bob Ross video to make a painting
83. take a month off to work on doll house and finish decorating
84. complete a sketch or doodle every week for 2 months
85. make one small dry wall carving, sitting outside in warm weather
86. make greeting cards
87. borrow Sue's cri-cuit machine

88. send out 5 cards of kindness to random strangers
89. volunteer with the MS society 3 times
90. visit with an older neighbour 2 times
91. ask library about idea of showing art made by those that live here
92. spend more time in home library too see others
93. help out as much as I can with events in the building
94. try to organize a collection of clothing etc to donate from building

95. make dinner for everyone once a month (2/33)
96. make the microwave chocolate cake from email
97. make my own smoothies (ongoing)
98. gain 15 lbs from 94.5lbs to 110lbs
99. buy coconut oil
100. try a new local restaurant 5 times
101. try a new food Ive never had

**for any not completed on time, I will donate $2 for each one to a charity. For every day I don't do a daily item, I will donate $2 as well. 
Happy New Year and all the best in 2013!!!