Monday, March 14, 2011

Favorite tool of the day!

Out of all the little tools I have in my tupperware like box, I think the simplest item is the one I am most thankful for....


Why would I use sandpaper when working with paper and eska board? Well last year I had two pieces of board, planning on them being the front and back cover of a book. They were maybe 2mm off in size and I took my card cutting xacto knife and went to it. I ended up slicing the side bit of my left index finger right off. So stupid! So painful and so gross because I couldn't even get it stitched. ew!

How could I have eliminated the trip to the hospital? Although it was interesting because there was a guy there that had two police with him at all times, I could have just used the sandpaper to sand away the 2mm and make the cardboard pieces the same size. I knew to use the sandpaper but didn't... look what happened!

I learned my lesson and bow down to the sandpaper god in apology and greatfulness. Luckily my finger is good as new!

Monday, March 7, 2011


I have returned from my trip in the sun and warmth to a whole lotta snow. What can you do but put extra layers on? OR get busy making more books, that will keep ya warm

Im unable to take any more custom orders for the next few weeks. Im currently working on an order of 5 address books + 1 journal, 12 mini books to send to Costa Rica as a thank you to everyone there who helped me through my surgery, 2 large portfolios (thankfully one at a time) and Im still needing to add inventory to both and .

Busy as a bee, that is me.