Friday, June 18, 2010

Paperback Writer

Hear Sir or Madam will you read my book? It took me years to write, will you take a look?
~The Bealtles

We have been storing things away to sell the house, which means that my studio which was in the kitchen was all tucked away *frown* but now that we have sold, I can take everything again! Just in time for 9 custom orders from a client, 5 address books from another and then 2 journals for my best friend!

This all means I dont have time to be sitting here writing, but procrastination is my middle name!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Im just a book machine, and I dont work for nobody but you

Great! Now that I've gone and titled this post as such, I have that song in my head. Ah well, it beats the Law and Order theme music thats been stuck in there for days and I don't even really watch the show. But I digress....

I've been working in the studio a lot this week and have managed to get a lot of work done that I have listed in my store .

This is an album / scrapbook with black pages (which really make the photograph's colours POP). The cover paper is from Paris and has the lovliest texture to it. It was bound with a coptic stitch in a coordinating Irish linen thread.

This is a lined notebook covered in sililar paper to the item above but in a gorgeous blue. This textured papaer from Paris is so stunning in person! Click on the image to see the entire collection of images.

This notebook is covered in handmade paper by a fellow OCAD student here in Toronto. I purposely left the raw edge of the blue paper along the leatherette spine to add to the organic feel of the handmade paper and the bird theme.

I made this box out of davey board and it is secured with PVA glue (very strong). The blue with stars paper was also handmade by an OCAD student here in Toronto. The silver of the stars is wax, used to ensure that the black and blue dyes wouldnt run. The box has a pen loop so you always have a pen handy for the things you put in the box.

This is my newest listing in Roundtheworldin80pgs . The cover paper is from Japan, to read more on it, please click the image that will take you to a write up on the paper. I have included black book cloth along the spine and then a black satin ribbon running parallel to the book cloth. This is a lined journal with 140 pages.
I have just received (moments ago) my shipment of papers from Japan and I cannot wait to use them! Look for them soon!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New listings on Around the World in 80 Pages

I have recently completed and listed this album. It has 40 black pages for your photos and or scrabooking. It is coptically stitched with Irish Linen thread which allows the book to lay open flat. Please check out my store for more photographs of this book.

Please visit me at Roundtheworldin80pgs!