Monday, April 25, 2011

Time to get crackin'......

Ive had a hard time getting inspired lately. Mostly because my studio is lined with windows and they days I have to bind have been gloomy. Case in point: today.

I went out and voted today, so I feel good. I have another address book half done, so Ill try to finishe that tonight.

I was able to use one sheet of hand painted paper I ordered from another book binder, Canadian made, Japanese inspiration. Thanks again Rhonda for the great paper!

Once both books are done (and I have some natural light to photograph), I will post some photos. I am also thinking of listing a painting Ive done in my other etsy store.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

ta daaaa

My first attempt at binding using leather with a long stitch. Ive learned a lot from this for sure.

Monday, April 18, 2011

I think I have a case of the Mondays

and I hope its not a case of a cold or the flu or something equally not as fun. Let's just say that "blah" is my word of the day and leave it at that, shall we :)

Ive made my first leather bound journal, learning along the way (online tutorials can only usually take you so far). I think I will add two more signatures to fill out the size of the spine, sew a few pieces onto it to ensure it closes and it will be on its way to its new home.

I've known for a long time that I should re-photograph the images of my books that are in my online stores, and I have a great idea, but I haven't gone ahead and done it, mostly because I rely on natural sunlight and its been a little gloomy out lately (do not even get me started on it snowing again out there).

Take a look at the stores and and see what you think. Any suggestions?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Stuck between a piece of leather and a colourful place

Last week I bought a rotary cutter to make things easier when cutting the pieces of leather I have. (aside: I feel torn using leather after watching Oprah last week on the beef industry)

With putting the fact that its actually a part of a poor cow aside, Im anxious to make a strong leather long stitch journal, already having purpose for two of them BUT I was looking all around for book inspirations and I went out and bought a ton of different colours of cardstock with a specific purpose in mind.

I was frantic with sketches the other night and I have a ton of what I believe to be great books on the way.

Where do I start?

Well I have minor things to finish on a cutom journal I am making, and the custom artists portfolio is being clamped right now, and then I think I will start on a leather bound journal, as nervous as I am to try it. With my how-to video playing over and over, I think I am ready and should just jump right into it. *deep breath* Here I go....

Oh..FYI: I bought the roatary at a local Zellers, WAY less expensive than the ones at the fabric store

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm diving into the world of leather bookbinding

Ive been looking at leather pieces / hides and after being gratly inspired by MyHandboundbooks, Im giving it a go! These are the two hides I have ordered with a smaller piece of a similar colour to the creamy second image. I cant wait!