Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still at it :)

I have made about 5 books this week, all listed at my store

New papers used, some from India and Nepal
Help feed a starving artist lol

This week I decided to TRY twitter. Its not for me at all, sorry twitter, Im sure you are lovely for some people. Im just not that into you. I dont understand a)how to get people to look at your tweets and b)why people go on twitter and share things. For example, I do not care that P Diddy ate a hamburger today lol

Next week I am participating in a charity event to raise money for MS research. I will be selling my books in hope of making money and donating all profits to MS research. *fingers crossed*
The event is actually a hockey and softball tournament that I begged to sell at. Thanks to Mark Stewart at HTTP://WWW.WESHOOTWESCORE.COM . If you are in the GTA area, please come out!

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