Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2 excuses and a whole lotta fun stuff!

Why has it taken so long for me to post anything? Well, my family is super sick right now which means that Im coming down with something but also that my care givers are sick in bed. Whats the second excuse you ask? Read on to find out!

The good news? I have new things to post!!!!!!!
(applause, applause)

This is the album I custom made for Tammy. Its a gift that she is giving her daughter after their first trip to Vegas together, something to hold all their memories in!

Its a Japanese punch stitch, the thread is braided embroidery thread which matches not only the idea of Vegas but the lettering on the cover. The pages are bound with spacers in between each page so when the book is filled with photos, the book won't become gaping and triangular, it will stay rectangular and awesome! This is where my second excuse comes in...the photographs I have taken are not up to par, but I know you get the idea of how fab these items are!

These are some of the awesome packs of tags and embellishments I have created. Not shown here? Easter, Back to school, two other sets of tags, Flowers, bugs, birthday. Use them for cards or scrapbook pages. OR add any of them to gift wrapping to make the gift extra special!


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