Monday, May 31, 2010

As promised...

Here are a few of my non-book art projects Ive done in the past.

This is a line of wine glasses I designed as a gift for my sister. I sandblasted the barcode inspired design on the glass itself.

Because I am so stubbornly against working digitally, this is from the one and only digital class I took in university. This image was the center piece of the series, with single images of her walking away were on either side, in 8x10 then 5x7 to give the feel of her walking away into the distance. This particular image was 11x14.
It didnt project here as well as the print itself looked.

This image is one of my ultimate favorites. Im not sure if I appreciate that its a long exposure image with a medium format camera or if I really appreciate it because it was a total experiment that turned out well.
I had just gotten my first medium format camera, a Yashica A, a very old camera that doesn't take a single battery. Its completely manual and I love it.

This next series was completed in my second year. The print quality wasn't as strong as I had been able to achieve later on and the scanning quality was lacking but I am so proud of this piece on Gender Roles in the Domestic Space.

Through my years studying photography, one of my favorite places to shoot was at a local cemetary, one that was the subject of many highschool stories of where to stay away from at night. I found such beauty in some of the statues and the juxtaposition of life and death in one gated place.

She was one of my favorite statues, although this image doesn't showcase why. Her arm was broken off just below where the image crops off. She had such a tragic beauty behind her, she was broken but still so strong. I thought she was beautiful.

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