Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to basics

Perhaps I should have begun this blog with a post concerning exactly why I make books and how I do just that.

The 'why'
Well, why not? I really love books. Not only for what they say but just books themselves. I like the smell of an old book borrowed from the library. I know this may sound odd. I love checking a book out and thinking about all the others who have borrowed this book before me. I love the feel of a brand new book, I hate opening the book up all the way and making that crease in the spine of a soft cover. I even have a hard time finishing a book, I find it sad, almost like breaking up with someone. I know, dont judge me.

Back to making books. I love knowing that Ive spent the time choosing the paper for the pages, choosing what stitch to use, choosing the cover paper, the end papers, any embellishments, all to end up in someone elses hands. That I am passing on part of me to them whether they know it or not.

The 'how'
I actually sew all of the pages together to make each book. I hand cut the pages to the desired size, I hand measure and cut the end pages, clamp the signatures with the endpages and glue them. I cut pieces of headbands and glue them to the spine, and sometimes I add a ribbon for a book mark before adding the headbands. I spread the archival glue along the cover paper with my glue spreader (thats the offical name), I fold the paper around the corners of the davey board. I take the bulk of the book and attach it to the cover, clamp it again and let it dry.

Ive just sat for hours working on a book and was tired of doing so, but typing this all out just gave me my second wind. Ill forget this tomorrow after sitting in my studio, after the 3rd hour, I lose the passion for it and ache to just sit in front of the tv and waste time on a comfy couch.

Its late and I have one, actually hopefully three books to finish by Friday night.

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