Friday, October 1, 2010

Very exciting times!!

In less thank 2 months I will be travelling with my dad to Costa Rica for the Liberation Treatment and working hard at getting me out of this wheelchair.

Don't get me wrong, its been a good wheelchair. Its adjustable. The covers come off to wash whenever I spill paint or glue on them from working on books etc. Its made things easier for me for the past year and a bit,

But I would like a break from it. Not the Ross and Rachel kind of break. I would like to break up with the chair, for my own good. Its what is best.

Will I never depend on the chair again? I most likely will need it now and then. So when I break it off, we will stay friends ;)

Ive been working on more inventory, at times distracted by a custom order or two for those who have been helpful with the trip. With all this work I have rediscovered something...

I LOVE SANDPAPER! Sure the dust makes me sneeze but Id rather a sneeze or two than trying to use my xacto to trim the tiniest sliver of davey board off one piece to make it match its counterpart. Don't risk cutting a finger while fussing with a sliver of board that needs to come off ( like I did in the spring)...just sand it until its even!


  1. Love your sense of humour! Hope the breakup goes smoothly ;)

  2. haha thanks
    some dont get it and think Im odd, but hey, thats just how I roll

  3. Hi Beth--
    I just discovered your blog while browsing through some older entries from the BEST blog. I'm very excited for you, and very interested, that you are going to have the Liberation Treatment. I'm a book artist down in the States, just in the process of being diagnosed myself after many years of increasing symptoms. Nobody really talks about it down here, but I've been following the news from Canada, and find it very intriguing and well as enticing. I'm about ready to stuff the nasty treatments they want to try and go book a flight instead for an angiogram and maybe more! I just wanted to say that I wish you the best of luck as the time approaches. I look forward to knowing how it goes. I'm deeply impressed that you're continually making your lovely books and photos and running your shops. I know from my own experience how frustrating it can be.

  4. PaperChipmunk

    I just read this post, I hope you are able to get this...

    I tried to follow your blog, its so great! but I couldnt see how to do that

    thanks you so much for your wonderful wishes, its been over 3 months now since Ive had the surgery and am very curious to hear how your journey is going

    you seem wonderful, I hope we can chat!