Thursday, November 11, 2010

This weekend was a great weekend for sales

This weekend was great for sales. This is a good thing, but with the Brocante Lux show coming up, I have to make even more items to take with just cant win hahha

I was contacted by a wonderful woman in Kentucky who wanted to buy this painting. I was excited just to know that it was going to be hung in her house, she seemed so wonderful! The idea of someone wanting to hang some abstract I made while in an experimental mood on their wall and have in their home, means so much more to me than a financial gain.

This album was bought and it threw me for a loop, I hadn't heard of this etsian, but that was beccause advertising on facebook was helping. Im glad I gave it a shot and was able to share these albums with others. This teal album is covered in paper from Nepal. I love the golden mums on the cover, and the endpages have a burst of colour to them. It is bound with a coptic stitch, I love how decorative it is but I also love that the stitch allows the book to open flat.

This book is covered in paper brought back from Paris. I love its texture and the depth to it. Again, this is bound with a coptic stitch, in a golden irish linen thread, allowing the album to open flat.

This album was purchased as a gift for their mothers birthday, they were going to start putting photos in it and present it on the big day! Im so pleased that my work is being shared and going to be a part of a special day!
Listening to Ordinary Man by the Kinks

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