Monday, March 14, 2011

Favorite tool of the day!

Out of all the little tools I have in my tupperware like box, I think the simplest item is the one I am most thankful for....


Why would I use sandpaper when working with paper and eska board? Well last year I had two pieces of board, planning on them being the front and back cover of a book. They were maybe 2mm off in size and I took my card cutting xacto knife and went to it. I ended up slicing the side bit of my left index finger right off. So stupid! So painful and so gross because I couldn't even get it stitched. ew!

How could I have eliminated the trip to the hospital? Although it was interesting because there was a guy there that had two police with him at all times, I could have just used the sandpaper to sand away the 2mm and make the cardboard pieces the same size. I knew to use the sandpaper but didn't... look what happened!

I learned my lesson and bow down to the sandpaper god in apology and greatfulness. Luckily my finger is good as new!

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