Monday, June 27, 2011

Things are looking up!

First Id like to comment on a friend's can never be too happy! a few things turned around. The postal workers were sent back to work and will start up again tomorrow...the same day that I plan on shipping out the two books I just sold on etsy! (plus it was to an old friend..even better)

I love all my books, so here is the final goodbye


  1. Glad the postal strike is over and our BEST Canadian Contingent can all get back to normal!
    Great little journals - love the choice of papers. I'm sure you will have a very happy customer indeed!
    Which friend's blog is so happy?

  2. my friend Sam posted about how happy she was but also how people questioned how someone could be so happy.

    Thank you for the reminder to check in and seeing if the order has reached my friend, I know the postal service was taking awhile to catch up with things