Thursday, September 22, 2011


Last week I was on fire with making books. I knew I was going away for the weekend so I had work to do. Now its thursday and Im struggling to get throuugh the chocolate brown leather sketch book I started yesterday.
Its looking great so far, even though Ive veered off from the plan for the cover I thought up in bed the other night, frantically trying to find a pen and paper to jot down the idea. While I was cutting the hide I found a spot along the edge of the leather that I wanted to include in the cover. The idea will have to wait.
As are my other leather sketchbooks, this one is bound via long stitch. I am opting to have each signature sewn on its own, with a triple knot at each end instead of hooking each signtures sewing together. I was warned that it would take longer but the last book I made this way has less signtures and was a smaller book so it went by faster. This time, its drainging me.
Ive been sick all week, so l I havent had the energy to even want to wheel into the solarium. Today is no different but Im trucking through, this blog post is serving its purpose for me. I still have books to post on etsy, but I keep leaving the paper I jotted down info on it (size, pg no.s etc) in the studio.
I need a shot of coffee or something....any cough medicine would just make me more tired. Ok Ive just gotten whiney. Must snap out of that.
I have one week to get my act in gear for the Oct 1st Fort Erie show1!1

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  1. I hope you feel better soon. It's so frustrating when you have things to do but the energy isn't there!