Friday, October 21, 2011

The air has changed and baby, it`s cold outside

Its cold and damp outside, the kind of weather where a cup of earl grey tea really hits the spot. Its gloomy out, which doesnt lend to the best window view from the studio but at least Ill spend less time daydreaing out the window and more time focusing on the work at hand.
By the end of the month I have one large custom order (one personalized book) and two custom address books for a client I have through Unique Creations Artisan Outlet in Niagara...a great store, especially for the hoolidays coming up. The Im going to replenish the `what do you think` journal ( different than the first of course since they are all one of a kind) in the store.
That journal was something I had made and thought was sooooooo brilliant but no one in person seemed to like or to get it. Bummer. Now I have seemed to find my appreciative niche!

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