Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Clean clean clean

I've been working on cleaning my studio/office for a week now. I thought it would take a day.

I am determined to have things organized and neat and efficients. I get in there and work on one area at a time, making my way right, starting with the extra chair in the room in which I drape sheets of paper over that I used when I'm gluing. Someone suggested to go to ikea and get newsprint on a roll. Seems like an ok idea but I can't just throw out paper after using it once. Too much garbage for my liking.

I made a nice pile of the gluing papers, cleaned off the table and the awful corner where the small scraps of eska board and scraps of paper that I was too tired to care about at the time. Guess what? It adds up.

Today I tackled the top of the drawers. You can see that there is furniture under there! Ok it was not that bad, but it was close. Later tonight I am going to tackle the top drawer which holds some tools but mostly packaging items (envelopes, bubble wrap, thank you notes, little gifts with purchase). It is the second drawer that I am afraid of.

Tonight and tomorrow: the complicated second drawer *dun dun dunnnnn*

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