Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy as a bee, and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool!

I just couldn't help myself. I thought 'busy as a bee' and then the Music Man lyrics just came out. My grade 13 drama teacher would be SO proud!!

So, Ive been busy. And when I'm busy, I'm happy. I was in a bit of a funk and neglected my studio space where I make my books. It wasn't until I had to work on the order from my Aunt that I went back in there and boy am I glad I did.

She had ordered 5 address books for gifts. For Christmas I had made each of my Dad's sisters one and she liked it so much that she called to thank me and to order 5 more!

When I was waiting for the last one's glue to fully dry so I could unclamp it, I remembered a little phrase I had printed out ages ago but never got around to using. An idea I had before came rushing back and I just had to make the book right then.

I had printed out the phrase "what do you think" for a diary/journal since we all become close enough friends with our journals to tell them what we really think. I used lined pages and a traditional French stitch I learned in my first bookbinding course. I love the window I created in the cover and am SO THANKFUL that my on a whim idea worked out.

While I was photographing the above books, I thought that I was neglecting the very thing that I couldn't live without when making studio space! I started out making books in my living room and the flow of work would be interrupted by having to tidy up so the family could have their dining room back. Ive since moved into the kitchen, where we never eat for some reason and have been creating there ever since!

The drawers I couldn't live without. They sit perpendicular to the table thats always too messy to photograph on its own but is lovely in the way the old glue shimmers in the light and the tool box is the embodiment of strength. How is that for writing when its way too late to do anything but sleep :)

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  1. Hi there. Found your blog through your Etsy shop. Love your stuff! I'm one of the admin's for a new Brampton website called FlowerCityMom (

    If you're on Twitter, you can follow us at @flowercitymom


  2. Oh I dont live in that city anymore :( I wish I saw this earlier