Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is almost here, I promise

I have returned from my trip longing to make more books and take more photographs. I am currently working on a custom order for 5 address books, and then Im on to a wedding guest book, something that has me both exhilirated and scared. I want to do the Bride right with this book, she is special and Id like the book to be too.

At I have listed quite a few photographs that I had printed and stored away. I realized that through various peoples reactions, they would make GREAT Mother's Day gifts!! I have included a few as a tastey sample of whats in my store.

Quite a few of the images are 8x12, I just couldn't crop any of the image off! There are a few 4x6 copies as well.

I have recently been introduced to secret Belgian binding, and Ill have to give it a try. Like most stitches, at first glance it looks tough but I have faith I can do it. Ill just have to try :)

I am asking anyone who is reading this to please donate to the Relay for Life Cancer walk this year in honour of a few specific people who have received heartbreaking prognoses this year.

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