Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fellow Etsian Interview: Flauxers

Today I've decided to interview one of my favorite artisans, Tanya from Flauxers !

I met Tanya through etsy and fell in love with her work, buying one one her pieces myself!

Hi Tanya, let's start off with the basics. How did you come up with the name Flauxers? and what inspires you to work with the materials that you use?

Faux+Flowers=Flauxers (pronounced "Flowers"). I love flowers but haven't had the best of luck keeping them alive very long. As a result, I decided to use artificial flowers. When I first started out, I was only doing arrangements, but as time has gone by, I've been inspired to create other designs as well. The jewelry idea came to me last summer, while sitting on my deck with my husband. The rest just flowed from there.

(I have to mention what a kind heart Tanya has. Money from each sale of the above flower goes to the MS Society. You may or may not know but I have MS so this is particularly special to me.)

What is your favorite piece or pieces? and why?

I have a few pieces that I've recreated for myself. The first was my Daisy Necklace, then followed by the miniature sunflower earrings, and a few barrettes and a hydrangea ring. They're great additions to many outfits and it brings a bit of warmth to my look - even on a cool day.

Do you mainly sell your creations online? Is this your full time job?

I currently only sell online. I have 3 shops - etsy, artfire and my own website. All items are made in my home, with love, and then sent to my customers. Many of the items are created after they have been sold, allowing me to create them, with you in mind. In addition to Flauxers, I have a part time job as a Web Administrator. This allows me to let my inner geek shine while still allowing me to focus on Flauxers.

What tool or item can you NOT live without when it comes to making your creations?

hmmmmm - I use the obvious items - wire cutters and needle-nose pliers, floral tape and other tools. But, I also have an item that's a little less popular, and that gets used in nearly every one of my items - clear thread. This allows me to both sew and glue my products together, allowing them to last even longer than with glue alone. This was a trick I learned from my grandma and mom, while creating barrettes with them growing up.

As we are both artists here, I'm going to ask you a tough question here. Personally I feel that choosing a favorite colour is like asking a parent to choose a favorite child...but what is your favorite colour to work with?

My favorite color is orange. But I also like yellows and purples and greens - the brighter the color the better. I enjoy working with many different colors, and combining multiple colors to create arrangements/designs.

And finally, do you come out with seasonal items, for holidays or seasons?

I do create seasonal items, but try to have them available all year long. You never know when an occasion will arise that will require something that is "out of season". For example, I created ornaments last winter and have had inquiries and sales of them since. I was pleased to see that even though I got my inspiration to do holiday ornaments, they're more versatile and can be used all year long.

Thank you for taking time to speak with me today Tanya!