Friday, August 20, 2010

Levi-Strauss Project

I am so proud to be working closely with Levi-Strauss on this project!

ProjectBackgroundLevi’s® is accessing it’s roots in craft, authenticity and self expression in a new project to discover how young women around the world are shaping the future–and who inspired them to be who they’ve become.

Eight professional book-binders, all members of ETSY, have created a total of 16 amazingly beautiful journalsand boxes that are being adored and adorned by creative young women around the world who have made a difference for themselves, their community or for the world only.

Each women who inscribes the book will provide a 4-6 page story, written and or illustrated, about who or what made a differencein their lives and what advice they have for other young women who will follow in their footsteps. Each women has one week to complete their assignment. A donation to a global women’s charity will be made in their name.

Levi’s® is one of 8 global sponsors of TED’s first Women’s conference, which takes place in Washington DC, December 7-8, 2010 –emphasizing our dedication to connecting with women.

A short filmwill be produced in November to tell the story of the books and the ideas that emerged. Some of the women who inscribed the books will be featured in the film. The film will be premiered at the first TED Women’s event, December 7-8 in Washington DC. The books and excerpts from their contents will be displayed and shared at a gallery event.

Contents of the book will also be shared with Levi’s Global Women’s Community.

Book Foreword for Those Who Inscribe
When we create, when we work for the new or push ourselves ahead insearch of fulfillment and change, we do so in a collective progress. Then, we step into the unknown together, ready to shape what’s coming.

Innovators, change-agents, artists, creative thinkers and progressives are the culmination of so many influential and inspiring people who have come beforeand opened our eyes to other worlds of thought.We look to our mentors, teachers, and peers who continually build us into citizens of the planet.

We walk with their energy and then add our own.

We, in turn, become mediums of what’s possible.

In sharing the expressions of your talents, experiences and the difference you’ve made within these pages, by describing who has influenced you and pushed you to be who you are, you also tell us who we are.

And thus, you inspire in us the passion to take action, have impact, find responsibility, help others, and move forward in the mutual endeavor of shaping what’s to come.

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