Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have returned from Costa Rica after my surgery with results that aren't OPTIMAL but they are for me. Who needs to run a marathon right now? There is always later!

My stores are back open, I have some thank you books to make and ship to San Jose but I will be adding to my stores as soon as possible.

Ok so I didnt come back to just sunshine, there is snow snow everywhere, but Christmas is a few days away so Ill let it slide this time :)

On to making my thank you books!


  1. Not "optimal," but it's wonderful that you gave it a shot. I hope the experience wasn't unpleasant.

    Happy bookmaking, and a merry white Christmas.

  2. Re-reding my post I dont know why I said not optimal...I am SO pleased that I went down there and so pleased at the results that I had

    It wasnt unpleasant at all, I made new friends and family members and it was the best thing Ive ever done
    thank you so much
    Happy new year