Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My personal policy

 While discussing the books I make with a visitor to the First Sunday Stroll
event, the motivation and focus of the books I bind came to me. I make
books the way I make any art, I focus on the piece and only the piece I'm
working on. Each book is it's own piece of art.

I don't plan that I need to make X number of this kind of book, same size,
same binding technque. I just find inspiration from the paper I have to cover the book. The size of the book and the number of pages aren't really planned.
I find that with books that aren't custom orders, I just sit in the studio and one thing leads to another and a book is made.

I am lucky enough to have friends that travel and send me papers they found through their journies, I also lucky to be able to get my hands on such great papers.

 Whenever I order paper or receive paper from someone, I purchase only one sheet of each design. I do this so even though I may use the one sheet of paper with more than one book, there isn't enough paper to make more than one of the same sized or style of book.

I like that each of my books are one of a kind, just like the experience I had making the book. From the size, type of page paper, what style of sewing and binding, to the choice of whether the book calls for a bookmark or bookends, I go with the flow and just create.

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