Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring cleaning should be left for the spring.

I have a whole lot of organizing to do around here. The studio. My mail. My closet. There must be more but I literally shudder at the thought of it all. I know that by organizing stuff and business things, I myself will be more organized. Not organized as much as at peace.

Someone wise said that, in more organically smooth language that rolled off their tongue, which was proof of their being so wise. I sometimes wonder what Maya Angelou is up to and if she would come hang out for a bit. Either Dr Angelou or Oprah.  That shouldn't be a problem I'm sure. What do they have to do? Of course, I kid. As long as it isn't Dr. Phil. No thank you to him.

The dreary winter has pulled me down a bit. Not enough sun means I get less done. I wonder if those natural light lamps work. That could be nice. Don't get me wrong, lazy days spent watching movies at home are great. That is how I have spent the weekend. The Sessions, Silver linings Playbook, This is 40, and then we went to see Identity Thief at the theatre last night. They were all good by the way, a few of them were really brilliant.

It is getting to the point that I have something scheduled every day. Every. Day. I am going to be forced to be on everyone else's time. I'm yawning right now at the idea of it.

I received a message from a great friend concerning a custom order I made for her business partner / sister. I am hoping to post about that soon.

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