Sunday, March 3, 2013

I love hearing how my books work out

I was speaking with a friend / fellow artisan Kathie about the craft shows she has been involved with lately. Kathie makes the most beautifully painted pillows that are quite special. Her sister Carol is an exquisite painter.

Kathie mentioned that her sister was using the custom portfolio that I made for Carol to display her work, and I was so happy to hear that this book had fufilled its destiny.

The cover paper that Carol chose has a lovely Baroque feel to it, it is lush in its metallic sheen and pieces of maroon peeking through to reveal the gentle details. The book was bound using a coptic stitch which allows for the book to lay open flat and display every image. The black pages have a slight texture to them, chosen through the inspiration of the textures of the paint used.

Thank you Carol for using something I made to display your work.
Thank you to Kathie for taking the time to take these photos of the book being in use.

To find Carol, please visit her HERE

1 comment:

  1. so fun to see this in your blog!

    for those reading this, i'm telling you this book is even more lovely than it looks in the photos.

    The baroque-ish cover paper also harmonizes nicely with Carol's artistic style.

    Beautiful work on this book, i personally love the look of the coptic stitching also.

    Thanks Beth!