Thursday, August 4, 2011

The stink of disappointment that was Saturday is now gone!

I hate to admit it but a little retail therapy that had nothing to do with books has me rejeuvenated. Some days H&M should stand for healing and magic.

Today I must tackle the mess after the tornado that was last week hit my studio. Ive been trying to condense the rolls that my orders of paper come in and roll as many sheets of paper and put them in what should be widdled down to 2 rolls. I have to re-organize my linen thread as I used the box I normally hold those in as a change box for the sale last week.

I am looking into displaying books at an artist driven store on consignment in Niagara Falls. Ive been really excited since they contacted me regarding the issue. I was thinking selling wholesale but I waited too long and now consignment is the way to go. I'm excited to go check out the store early next week!

On the agenda:
clean studio
begin custom album order
make more albums
look for daily planner book blocks
work on more leather covered journals

I'm tired just typing that out :)

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