Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh physio, must you be so difficult yet important?

I finished going to physio on the 8th of July and then took a week off, but kept up on stretching and some cardio. Today, it was back to the program. It wasnt as hard and I thought, but who wants to do all that work? Its too bad its so important to keep going, Its a challenge Im going to face head on, you always feel better after than youd think.

But now, back to books. I have since received the bookbinding book I ordered online, but I have to keep focused on that I want/need to take to the Brocante Lux show at the Southbrook Winery on July 30th in Niagara on the Lake. It is a shame it will be the last show of the summer, Ive been on a hiatus with physio going on, so Ive missed being amidst all those great artisans!

I cannot wait though!!/event.php?eid=243728635637757


  1. Good luck with the show - and the physio!
    I am trying to stay focussed on books I need to make... so tired just now that it is very difficult to be focussed on much at all (I think I really need my holiday!). I even forgot to go the dentist yesterday..had to call and apologise this morning.
    Off to make books...honest!
    Good luck with your projects this week, Beth!

  2. thanks so much Lizzie! you are so sweet!

    Make some books but make sure you take time for you to go on that holiday! (even if its ust taking time for you and catching up on sleep)