Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This week has started off spectacularly

Let's keep this spectactular-ness going!
I've just ordered yet another bookbinding book, "Making Handmade Books: 100+ Bindings, Structures & Forms". What's another book?

It all started when buying a physio recommended Core disc from Amazon, and you know how it goes from there....plus add $5 to the disc order and its free shipping...man! they know how to get you buying...somedays it doesnt take much for me. But I figure that they are both to better my body and mind, so its a good thing.

Today, I feel like doing nothing productive but in a few minutes I will go into the studio and work on the wedding album/scrapbook. Wish me luck!!


  1. Good call on the Alisa Golden book - I have it and it's fabulous.

  2. Yay! That book arrived in the post for me, just last week! It is FAB - you'll love it.
    It's the sort of book that is so full of stuff, that you kind-of feel you want to toss it in the air, let all the pages fly everywhere, then just roll in it, like fallen leaves... Oh, Okay, a bit melodramatic and silly.... There is loads in it and I could read it for hours (but then I wouldn't make any books!)

  3. I do love the book, and Lizzie you arent too far off with wanting to roll around in the awesome pages/

    I have a show coming up and I have to put the book away for now so I can focus on what I should be doing now.

    And to think, I just ordered the book to add to my total on amazon.ca to get free shipping, I lucked out!