Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Smackeral of books is right!

Books to my left.

Books to my right.

One very important wedding album is right in the middle, drying, waiting for me to take the next step.

On July 30th I will be participating in the Grand Finale Brocante Lux show at the Southbrook Vineyards. and I cannot wait. It has been awhile since I have had my table set up, sitting in a crowd of talented vendors and meeting people there to browse, and hopefully purchase from one of the tables. Each time I participate in an event such as this, I meet the most fabulous people.

One moment that will stick in my mind was when I sold my bird journal at Christmas time to a man who was buying for his daughter. He figured a blank page book was good for an artsy daughter and made a joke about lined pages being too constricting for an artistic mind. I told him to take care of the book, it was my favorite. He promised he would.

I know, I am like the parent here that should not choose a favorite child but I did it anyway. it was one of the first books I made, the first book I embossed on and the most co-ordinated book I had made. I just loved it, and now its found a new home which makes me happy.

The idea of being amoung other artisans in a few weeks excites me, yet is making me anxious to make a ton of more books. The wedding album first though.

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